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Best Website Design for Generating Leads

Cannabis marketing online can be tricky. Most websites are fairly new, and the online space for cannabis to have advertising is even newer.
The basic idea of a cannabis website is to convert online browsing into shopping. You would be surprised at how many websites to do not have a way for the buyer to view the product or purchase it online, however.
To fix this, consider hiring a website design company in San Diego. Experience and design skills, combined with research and user testing, will allow a creative agency in San Diego to turn your website into a conversion machine. Most business people new to the online space have no idea what a converting website looks like. Here are a few things to start you off as you shop for talent in web development in San Diego.

Clean Design
Less is more right now in the cannabis online space. High-resolution photographs with a clear, serene layout are essential to creating a modern, minimalist design. Choose text wisely, and limit it to the buttons on your header or footer for an even cleaner look. Graphics are important too, but likewise, they should be on the minimalist side.

Easy-to-Use Shopping Cart
Not all shopping carts are created equal. Choose a shopping cart that is easy to differentiate products in, and clearly shows taxes and shipping rates for the customer. A shopping cart with photographs in the checkout is even better.

Product Showcase
It’s easy to forget, between marketing initiatives and finding the perfect shopping cart, that you have to showcase each product individually! Don’t market only packages. Give a shopper a way to read up on and see each individual product, and put their unique cart together.

Brand and Go Green
Make sure that you give the shopper a chance to view your brand and how you are going green. It’s hard to come to a decision on branding sometimes, but a creative agency in San Diego can help you with this. Showcasing your brand is an important milestone online that allows you to integrate marketing efforts across devices and platforms, which is also essential.

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