About iOn Cannabis

iOn Cannabiz is a full-service advertising and innovative digital marketing agency with offices worldwide. Our cost-effective services allow business professionals to unlock the full potential of their company and maximize their growth strategy. iOn leverages the varied and lucrative aspects of the internet to provide a scalable and profitable marketing plan for your business. Marketing success takes time to mature, and establishing a strong online presence is not a feat accomplished overnight. Our dedicated team has the skills and experience to create custom marketing strategies designed to deliver unfailing results and put you on track to achieve your goals.

Who We Are

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What We Do

Our promising journey started on 20 September 2016 by Olin Tichy, the CEO and Founder of the IOn Imagine Media.


We are featured


We expended

Established another production team in New Delhi, India.

Celebrate the journey of success with 100+ projects delivery.

April 2017

Reached to Milestone

April 2018

Cannabiz Separated

We have separated our cannabis experience to serve & scale the cannabis breads. Now we are know as " iOn Cannabiz" as well.

Our Team

Olin Tichy

Co-Founder/CEO iOn Imagine Media

Pravesh K. Pandey

Co-Founder & COO iOn Imagine Media

Akhilesh Dev

Project Manager at iOn Imagine Media

Abhishek Gautam

Lead Creative Designer

Abhishek Srivastava

Web Developer & QA at iOn Imagine Media